Are my files safe if I keep them on the cloud? NO!

Wed 19 Oct 2016
Businesses small and large are being encouraged to use "Cloud" storage services more and more.

As tempting as it sounds, there is one fatal drawback to their use and relying on cloud storage places your files, pictures, documents, spreadsheets at risk.

Unfortunately, the most likely to fall prey to the flaw is small business, students and people that are not so good with computers.

All these people and others think that storing files on cloud storage will save them from all possible loss... The files are on the "cloud" right - so they are safe from
  Computer failure
  Computer loss
  Hard drive failure
  Coffee spilt in the computer :-)

The most popular ones are Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Apple icloud and Dropbox - which has been around the longest.

So about the fatal problem is that the most popular type of computer virus in 2016 is "Ransomware"

This is virus software that gets onto your computer and "encrypts" all your pictures, documents, spreadsheets and other things that it thinks are worth hiding from you.

The files are still there, but they have been locked up using encryption that is virtually impossible to crack.

The virus software then demands you make an untraceable payment to them across the Internet. These people are somewhere in the world, and themselves impossible to trace.

The fatal problem for people placing their valuable pictures, spreadsheets, documents onto "Cloud storage" is that this Ransomware virus software CAN SEE these files and ENCRYPTS THEM AS WELL. All your files are locked and the only way to get them back is to pay!

The ransomware does not discern between people, business, pleasure, students or old people it will encrypt and demand money.

We recommend that every computer user should use "image" back up software occasionally (like before any holiday) to make a complete back up of your computer to an external hard drive. External hard drives are cheap. Once a back up is made, the external hard drive should be kept separate place to the computer, friends, neighbour, in the car... just as long as it is somewhere separate.

For what ever reason your computer is lost, or what attacks it, you have a complete copy of everything on it exactly as it was when you made a back up.

In any of these situations you can get back your files if you have a "image" back up made
- Computer loss or theft
- Hard drive failure
- Spilt coffee
- Virus software
- Spyware
- Ransomware
- Accidental deletion of all your computer's contents
- Accidental deletion of individual files

Computer Repairs Fast offers cheap services an assistance to set up your back up and make sure you are protected. If you are affected by any of the situations above, we are can help, particularly if you have a back up made.

Call or contact Computer Repairs Fast for help with your computer faults or repairs and have us set you right.

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