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Fri 28 Oct 2016
There are back-ups and there are back-ups that work for people like me - we're capable of using the software we need in our businesses, but not competent and quick in using software tools once in a "blue moon" to do our own system recovery.
John Nayler's Computer Repairs Fast service set me up to protect me in perpetuity from ransomware and virus attack, hard drive failure and my laptop being stolen, all of which have happened to me in the last few years. Now when it happens, I can do the 'fix' myself in a heartbeat. John's backup recovery system keeps a mirror image of my computer - all the programs and data, everything; all together, so you just load it on to the replacement. It's a process that entails just a few steps I can write down and easily follow and there's none of the delay or financial rape that I've experienced on every occasion previously and there's no monthly or annual backup fees!

Until John set me up, I learned through my extraordinary pain, all the back-up systems I'd bought and had installed by IT support 'nerds', needed them to do the re-install when the inevitable happened. It's not so much the cost pain, as it is the hardship and inconvenience of it happening when I'm travelling or if the 'nerds' are just not available, as they often aren't, so they not only install a backup system which generates them more revenue, a system loss still imposes huge disruption and cost; it's a system which is delivered in their own sweet time.
My bitter experience throughout my career has been that customer service in the IT industry is a myth, a pipedream. At least with this Computer Repairs Fast solution, it's a reality!

Phil Enright, Enright Hendy & Partners, Brisbane.

Cheers Phil

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